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Our Principals

Enrollment Of Policyholders

The details of the policyholder are entered in the TPA administration software and are thus available to the insurance company where you have paidthe premium and the service provider hospitals.

Photo Id Card and User Manual

The policy holder is issued a GITPL ID card, providing vital information regarding the network of providers, product / plan details etc.

Cashless Hospitalization

GITPL has tied up with hospitals and nursing homes as service providers for the benefits of policyholders. GITPL provides Cashless Hospitalizationfacility through their service provider network.

Claims Adjudication And Management

Provide Claims management services including complete evaluation of all claims, data entry and adjudication. Facilitating better control and monitoring of claims processes. All information on claim form captured for complete reporting. Access to Claims, Eligibility, Enrollment, Processing as desired bythe insurance company.

Claim Processing Payments

GITPL provides the facility of Claim Processing Services Payments to the Healthcare Providers or the Policyholders. GITPL also provides assistance to the policyholders in filing a claim, in case the policyholder takes the treatment through non-network provider.

Healthcare Provider Network Management

GITPL has tied-up with leading Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centers etc. in major cities across the country to offer its Services and Supportto the Insurance Companies.


Accreditation and periodic reviews of the service provider network are conducted for continuous improvement and maintenance of the Quality ofservice provided.

Support Functions

Review existing health benefit plans, evaluate existing structure, scope, financial efficiency and cost effectiveness. Organizing training programmes atvarious locations for the benefit of staff and clients. Provide support and assistance to insurance company's various offices across the country for claims processing.

Statistical Reporting

Maintain statistical records as required by the insurance company for understanding various issues and undertaking proactive decisions. Generatemonthly reports, which provide management tools for analysis and control of benefit costs.Standard Monthly Reports on claims paid by group, most common claims, most used healthcare facilities,Customer Service Reports - nature of callsreceived etc.

End-of-Policy Group Reporting on most common illnesses/procedures, most expensive illnesses/procedures, most expensive members/dependents,members with greatest number of services, benefits paid by type.Yearly portfolio reports on benefits paid by type group account, most commonly used healthcare facilities, benefits/services ,age sex distributionof the insured population.

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